Forever Chemicals in our Drinking Water

Contaminated Water with high concentrations of PFOA and other perfluorinated alkyl acids in Australian drinking water causing cancer and many other serious health issues.
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the cancer agency of the World Health Organization (WHO), has evaluated the carcinogenicity of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and (PFOS) and in the United States, authorities found any level of PFOS and PFOA in drinking water is unsafe and likely to cause cancer.

PFOA and PFOS are widely used chemicals in a large group of fluorinated compounds called “forever chemicals” because they do not degrade easily.

According to Sky News this morning, the analysis from Nine newspapers indicates the chemicals have been found in the drinking water of 1.8 million Australians since 2010.

This link will tell you where the highest concentrations are in your area. 

So what can we do to avoid subjecting ourselves to constant barrage of these chemicals.

I was lucky to have a friend who recommended me to the Mea Water system. I have a bottle I can carry around with me wherever I go.
Australian-made, owned and manufactured MEA Water ® Devices are built to last. No filters to change, constructed from stainless steel, 100% environmentally friendly and requires zero maintenance. Each device is checked and tested on site before being shipped.

Watermark Certification gives you peace of mind regarding plumbing safety, water pressure, taste and toxins.

MEA Water ® provides revitalized, life-affirming water at your fingertips, as nature intended.

This system not only covers your drinking water, it also caters for your body with attachment for our shower etc too.  Remember from my past emails etc, what goes on your body is just as important as what goes in it.
PERSONAL & RESIDENTIAL BENEFITS – Go to website to see agricultural and other benefits.
Water tastes soft and balanced
Improves skin complexion and blood circulation
Rapid cell hydration
Increases storage life of produce
Improves cell regulation and healing
Gardens, lawns and pot plants flourish
Cleaner pools and spas and less chemicals required
Removes mineral deposits eg, calcite in pipes
Assists in detoxification
Prevents wine from oxidising
Healthier pets
Supports digestion and nutrient assimilation
Enhances the benefical aspects of polyphenols in fruit juices
Supports a healthy immune system
Softer hair and smoother skin from bathing
Neutralises toxic compounds
Minimises growth of moulds and fungi
Softens hard water
No filters to change
No maintenance required
environmentally friendly
Enhances tea, coffee, juice, wine and spirits
The investment in this system is also generational.  You can pass it onto your family members. 
Go to their website to learn more and to purchase. 

Please be aware of the fact that I do not receive a commission or any other financial benefits from recommending this product.  The only benefit is good healthy water and my passion to share the best.

Love and Light
Kristine S Matheson





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