Meet Kristine Matheson

In the Easter of 2005, Kristine received the life-altering diagnosis of terminal stage IV metastasized melanoma cancer, with a prognosis of six months to a year to live. Refusing to accept this fate, she embarked on a journey to reclaim her health, taking charge with an eighty percent raw plant-based diet, nutritional supplements, meditation, and regular exercise.

Through her determination and commitment to holistic wellness, she developed protocols that not only extended her life but also restored her vitality within a mere five months. Since then, Kristine has remained in robust health, driven by a passion to share her knowledge and experience with the world.

As a cancer survivor, natural nutritionist, seminar leader, and facilitator of raw food and meditation retreats, Kristine’s mission is to spread awareness of timeless ancient wisdom and holistic wellness principles. Through her books and speaking engagements on national and international platforms, she empowers audiences with her exceptional insights and inspiring message.

Following her own battle with cancer, Kristine authored the Australian nonfiction bestseller, “From Cancer to Wellness: the forgotten secrets” in 2009, with subsequent editions in 2018 and early 2024. She has also penned titles such as “Cancer to Wellness Recipe Book,” “Holistic Wellness Recipe Book,” and “Fully Naked Healthy Cakes and Desserts.” Moreover, she co-authored Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Livwise Cookbook’ and created the ‘Fully Naked’ Recipe Series and ‘Any Disease Will Do.’

As the founder of The Forgotten Secrets, Kristine provides holistic educational protocols aimed at disease prevention and alleviation. She envisions a future where global healthcare shifts from a focus on sickness to holistic wellness, prioritizing the wellbeing of individuals over profit.

Having received accolades such as the ‘International Women’s Day Outstanding Role Model Award 2011’ and nominations for Who’s Who of Australian Women, Kristine’s expertise has been recognized internationally. She is featured in the Worldwide Who’s Who registry of Executives, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs, honoured as Professional of the Year for her unwavering dedication.

Kristine’s impact extends beyond the written word and speaking engagements; she has appeared on prominent television programs like Channel Seven’s Today Tonight and Nine’s Today Extra, as well as numerous radio shows and podcasts, sharing her wisdom and inspiring countless individuals to take control of their health and embrace holistic wellness.

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